Meet your sidekick at work

Sidekick Mouse automatically moves your mouse pointer and simulates input activity just as if you were at your desk - essential whether you work from home (WFH) or in a hybrid arrangement. Your company's monitoring systems will not know when you take a nap or attend to other stuff away from your laptop. Additionally, your computer will never auto-lock, start the screensaver or suspend while Sidekick Mouse is connected. And, you will show as active on Slack, Microsoft Teams and other corporate messaging/presence tools.

Since Sidekick Mouse is a real hardware device and Operating Systems treat it as a regular wired mouse, your IT department cannot detect or block it.

Tiny, simple and discreet

A little larger than a quarter, this tiny device is easy to use. There are no batteries to charge or replace - just connect to your computer with a USB-C cable (not included).

A single button allows you to cycle the time to wait before jiggling your mouse (between 1 and 5 minutes).

Sidekick Mouse is compatible with almost all devices. No driver installation is required and it is fulled tested on Windows 11/10 and MacOS including M1 Macs.
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